Walking Narratives. Soundmarker gives Masterclass @ SONOHR – Festival

Walking Narratives. Soundmarker gives Masterclass @ SONOHR – Festival


What happens when the world in your headphones overshadows the real one? When both spaces complement, irritate and question the other? In this masterclass, we’ll be on the lookout for the third space that can be created in an audiowalk. We’ll be delving into the origins of the genre, exploring its many ways of unfolding and presenting itself and examine the technical possibilities of its implementation. During the workshop session, together we’ll be developing ideas for audiowalks that push the boundaries of what’s possible – and perhaps go beyond them.

Date: 26 February 2021

Massimo Maio is a feature writer and radio host as well as the facilitator of workshops and university seminars regarding narrative audio praxis.

Ruben Kurschat gives workshops on site-specific sound exploration, is the founder of stadt im ohr and managing director of Guidemate as well as the author of a series of audio plays to be heard on the go.

Limited spaces. Registration for the workshop until February 10, 2021 at info@sonohr.ch.

More Info: https://sonohr.ch/programm/

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